Fantastic New Features!

The Flowmail team is always busy working on new features, both big and small, to help improve your experience and to create higher engagement with your subscribers.

This week we have added in a number of small but important features to enhance the natural writing experience of our editor, as well as one to help increase your social reach!

Soft Returns

A soft return is a popular feature with many text editing suites, allowing you to get rid of that little space that separates two lines of text. Just press Shift+Return (Shift+Enter) and cozy up your copy!

Bulleted Lists

This one has been requested time and time again – so here you have it! You can now create beautiful bulleted lists within your email newsletters. Simply select your first copy item and choose the List icon in the editing menu.

Social Icons

You can now link to your favorite social profiles in the footer area of your newsletters. To access this feature, simply go to your newsletter settings and choose what networks to feature.

We have plenty of other features on the way, so stay tuned!

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