Introducing Automations

Your needs are constantly evolving and so is Flowmail. Today, we are happy to announce the introduction of basic automations to our service, which will help you better engage your subscribers by bringing them relevant content automatically!

So What Exactly is an Email Automation?

These are nifty little communications which are automatically sent out, based on a subscribers activity (we call this a trigger). To start things off, we have implemented two of the most popular types of automations. Welcome Emails and Timed Emails, which are both triggered when someone new signs-up, or is added to one of your specified lists.


Welcome Emails

One of the most important communications in your marketing lifecycle is the Welcome Email. It's typically the first interaction between yourself and your new subscriber and sets both the tone and expectation for future engagements. Generally, it's a warm and fuzzy introduction thanking the subscriber for signing up, which also tells them a little more about the emails that are to come.

Welcome emails can be sent either immediately or with a slight delay, which is typically no more than a few hours to a day. To make the most of your first impression, you could add in a discount code or other perks. It's all about making the subscriber feel special and welcomed. Stay tuned for a post going over some tips and tricks!

Timed Emails

Timed emails are an extremely flexible and powerful tool that you can utilize within your marketing flow. It is an automated process where a set of predetermined emails, messages or newsletters are sent to your new subscriber after they sign up.

These messages are great for things such as educational tutorials, promotional emails and product engagement messages. You can have one sent the first week, another the second week and so on, at any interval you like. These communications are also known as "drip campaigns" as they trickle information over time.

Get to Work!

To access these new automation features, simply log into your account and click the "Automations" tab in the left side menu. There you can choose the type of automation you want and can create your content just as you would with any other newsletter.

Have fun automating!

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